31 Flavors


As you begin to notice these flavors of love, your awareness will expand naturally.  Then it becomes easier to make those loving gestures of kindness and compassion that are expressions of your true self. – Deepak Chopra


I have an announcement to make.  This morning, while I was meditating I found love.  I found the flavor of love.




No, not that type of flavor (although I did enjoy him and the reality show tremendously).   I’m talking about the small things in life that I love.  I looked at love as being some grand gesture and spent all my time chasing that high.   I was always in pursuit of it because I wanted to feel love and loved all the time.  What I didn’t know is that it didn’t have to come from a person.  This morning, I became mindful of the small things that I love.  Sure, I wake up with an attitude of gratitude, but what do I love about my day?   So I became aware of what it is that I love.

Seeing the sun rise.  Reading a book.  This avocado grilled cheese I made.  Pecan pralines. Silence. Good conversations.  This new Boots & Beyonce song.  


Soon, I could feel love vibrating throughout my body.  It felt liberating.  I felt I finally stumbled on to something real and all I had to do was sample true love (shout out to Erykah Badu!).  Today, when you engage in something that brings you pleasure, say “That is love”.  Try it out!  It worked for me.  Next month, I think I’ll tackle being happy.



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